"I really enjoyed the concert experience. The Sean O'Sullivan theatre is such an intimate almost feels like they are performing in your living room! And I especially appreciated the opportunity to meet both artists after the performance. That was the perfect ending to a perfect evening!" Delene Gojmerac

 "We've never been disappointed with the concerts at Centre for the Arts. It's wonderful to see artists in such an intimate setting. And because of the preview concert, we've been introduced to wonderful artists that we've never been exposed to before. It will be even better when we have the new performing arts centre." Barbara Wilson

"I am so impressed with the artists who are invited to and perform at Brock. It is astounding and totally negates the easy impression that you have to go to "the big city" (i.e. Toronto) in order to see first class, outstanding performances. You can find them right in our backyard...who would have known?!" Gudrun O'Flynn

"I recently moved to Niagara from Toronto. Attending a function such as yours, proved to me that you can get top notch entertainment outside the GTA, at a reasonable price. The Centre for the Arts at Brock University is truly a hidden gem, and we will be back!" Yvonne Lindgren-Price

"We have been to numerous performances at Brock over the years. I love the diversity of their offerings, and the staff has always been top of their class - very helpful and very friendly and cheerful. They set the mood for a great evening before one even gets as far as the doorway to your seats!" Catherine Brown

"We continue to be amazed at the caliber of performances we see at Brock's CFTA. Every aspect of the experiences--from the in-house staff to the performers to the electronic communications--makes us truly grateful to live in the Niagara Peninsula and able to take full advantage what the CFTA offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Phyllis Stanley

"It has been almost 20 years for us as patrons. Almost all that time as members. It has been magical, affordable, inviting and has filled our hearts with music and memories. Thank you Centre for the Arts for your outstanding work through the years." Paul and Nancy Cianflone

"Platinum members for years now...excellent variety suitable for all tastes in personal preferences. Artists chosen are of the caliber you would only expect in much larger venues. Price points are very manageable and well worth the fees. Keep up the great work and carry it forward to the new facility...can't wait!" Ron and Pam Donovan

"It was a truly unique and wonderful evening. The artists themselves spoke so highly of Brock's facilities and that makes me even prouder to be part of this vibrant community. Keep up the greatwork!" Suzanne Culp

"Top notch entertainment, a wonderful facility and only 10 minutes away...What more could one ask for?" Karen Gondosch 

"These were amazing performances, shows that I'll never forget my whole life. Definitely the BEST 5 bucks I've ever spent. I go to as many shows as I can, and it's really surprising there aren't more high school students who attend!" Jenna Matkowski

"One of the many reasons I moved to the Niagara region five and a half years ago was because of the Centre for the Arts. I wanted and needed access to the types of offerings available at Brock. Thank you for making my move to the region a very positive one." Susan Hunwicks

"I think all of you at CFTA do a FABULOUS job in bringing us some GREAT professional performers. You certainly have broadened my cultural experiences with MANY THANKS!" Lesa Myciak

"The venue, staff and performance far exceeded expectations. As a first-time participant at the Centre for the Arts, I simply regret not having discovered such a community offering any sooner. Congratulations Brock on a job well done (right down to a very effective drink service at intermission!)" Verne Milot

"Great to be back. One of the classiest places in Canada! Thanks for having us." Marc Jordan (performance with Amy Sky, January 2008)

"The CFTA staff is the absolute best there is-knowledgeable, caring, helpful, friendly, and going beyond the extra mile to serve us. THANK YOU so much!" Phyllis Stanley 

"Hands down the BEST sounding room in Ontario!"  Mike Stevens (performance with Matt Andersen & Dave Gunning, April 2008) 

“It is amazing that such a small city compared to Toronto brings in performances so BIG. The entire season has been sensational. People need to really see the performances at Brock to understand the true concert experience...very intimate and extremely professional. The Centre for the Arts is still, for the most part, an undiscovered gem waiting to shine brightly.” Thomas D. Marshall

“It was with great pleasure that I discovered Brock Centre for the Arts. Great talent, good parking, and close to home. What more could I ask? I expect to enjoy Brock's performances for many years to come.” Ruth Ebsary

“I've purchased tickets to 11 performances this season. To date, they have all been excellent. The sound quality in the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre is amazing and every seat offers a great view. Every concert, including the ballet and the children's series, has been immensely enjoyable thus far.” Karen Costiff

“I think what may say it all is that we drive from Toronto to your venue. We have the option of any venue in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville and will still choose the Centre for the Arts every time. The friendliness and overall level of service provided by the Centre for the Arts staff consistently exceed our expectations. Thank you for your attention to all the details that make for a most enjoyable experience every time we visit.” Brian and Cynthia Edonel

“The talented performers that come to play this venue continually impress me. To my mind, the Centre for the Arts is a cultural beacon for the region, offering residents and members of the Brock community the opportunity to see inspiring national and international artists from many different genres. This is a cherished resource, one I am proud to support.” Dr. John Cairney 


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we have recieved from patrons over the years and some responses to audience survey feedback.  If you have any additional questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

I’m having trouble finding things on your website. The printing is hard to read! (top of page)

This is something that you control on your computer screen. You can make the font size larger by pressing the “Ctrl” key and the “+” key on your keyboard at the same time. To make it smaller, press the “Ctrl” key and the “-“ key at the same time. Or click on the "View" menu at the top of your browser and choose your "Text Size."

I selected the Print@Home option to print my own tickets and I didn’t get anything to print. (top of page)

The Print@Home option requires you to be able to receive and open attached pdf files. Your system must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or other pdf program installed. Click here to go to the Adobe website and download the free version. Also, please check that your e-mail spam filter is set to allow e-mail from When spam filters are set too high, e-mails that you want to receive from us are automatically deleted or, sent to your trash or junk folders. Once you check all of these settings you find you are still having problems please contact our Box Office for assistance at 905-688-5550 x3257 or toll free at 1-866-617-3257.

Can I recycle The Playbill (house program)? (top of page)

Yes! Please do and help us save money and trees. A box is situated at each exit door. Drop your Playbill in as you leave the venue.

Why are the wheelchair accessible spaces at the back of the theatre and not the front? (top of page)

Our theatres were built over 40 years ago when provincial building codes did not require wheelchair accessible seating. However, over the past number of years in order to respond to the needs of our patrons using wheelchairs, we have modified the seating areas to provide wheelchair accessible seating within the space limitations of the theatres.
The current wheelchair accessible seating locations are at the back of our theatres to allow level, easy and safe entry and exit to and from our lobbies.
Brock University and Centre for the Arts is committed to building an inclusive environment where all people can learn and participate fully. It is anticipated shortly that the province will enact under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA, 2005) a Customer Service Standard with both general and specific requirements for accessible customer service provision for persons with disabilities. We are currently working with the University Accessibility Coordinator to review our policies and practices for wheelchair accessible seating, admittance of accessibility support persons and Service Animals, and the provision of awareness training for our employees and volunteers. We want to make your experience at Centre for the Arts of benefit and value to you. In order for us to best meet your individual needs please contact us in advance to arrange wheelchair accessible seating at 905-688-5550 ext 3991 or by emailing, Client Services Manager.
Additionally, you are welcome to contact the Brock University Accessibility Coordinator at 905-688-5550 ext 5454 or by email with any comments or suggestions regarding accessibility to Brock facilities or services. 

What is being done about parking problems? (top of page)

Parking at Brock University has always been challenging and we work closely with the staff in Parking Services to anticipate and address potential problems and conflicts for our visitors when we have performances at the same time as other University departments.  Parking facilities are limited and the availability of spaces cannot be assured. Traveling to and from the University by public transportation and carpooling is encouraged.

Where should I park for events in the theatres? (top of page)

We recommend that you enter the Brock Campus at the corner of St. David’s Road and Glenridge Ave/Merrittville Hwy. For your convenience we suggest giving yourself additional time for parking. Follow the Visitor or Theatre Parking signs to parking in Lot D. If the lot is filled you may be redirected by Parking Services staff to Lot S, just past the Day Care Centre. Parking in Lot D or S is $7 per vehicle. You can purchase discounted parking vouchers when your order your tickets from our Box Office. Visitors to the campus may park in many of the pay per use areas around the campus. Meters are located along Meter Road, Isaac Brock Blvd in front of the Schmon Tower and in front of the Faculty of Education. Pay/Display parking is available in Lot P which is located next to the Walker Complex. For the protection of University students, faculty, and staff, no parking is allowed any time, anywhere on campus, without a valid permit, except in designated cash per use areas. University parking lots are identified by alphabetical, zone-permit, or reserved-space designations. Vehicles may be parked only in areas that correspond to their respective parking permits. Special parking arrangements for activities, or bringing large groups to campus may be scheduled with the Parking Services Office. For all other parking inquiries or concerns, please contact Parking Services at 905-688-5550 x4309 or by email at For maps, please click here

How do I get my intermission drink more quickly? (top of page)

Be sure to purchase your intermission drink ticket at the bar before the show starts and pick up your drink at the Express Bar located between aisles 2 and 3. If you prefer a beer at intermission, you can purchase one directly from our ‘beer station’. Look for the yellow sign! Water can be purchased at the bar, from our coat check attendant, and, in the theatre. Look for the usher selling in the auditorium.  

Do your theatres have an elevator? (top of page)

In the support of fire regulations and for the safety of our patrons, patrons using a wheelchair, walker or who have difficulty with stairs must advise the Box Office at time of purchase. It is important to note that the theatre does not have an elevator. 

What happens if I am late for the performance? (top of page)

In order not to disturb a performance in progress, latecomers or re-entry will not be admitted into the theatre until a suitable break in the performance.  

Can I bring my kids? (top of page)

We welcome children, but very young children can be disruptive to a performance. Children should be able to sit quietly in their own seats throughout a performance. Children unable to do so, along with the adult accompanying them, may be asked by an usher to leave the auditorium. Please use discretion in choosing to bring a child. Each person entering the theatre must have a ticket, regardless of age.

What if I have difficulty hearing a performance? (top of page)

Phonic Ear services are available in the Sean O'Sullivan and David S. Howes Theatres. Please inform the Box Office of your needs when purchasing tickets. Upon arrival at the theatre, please see the House Manager to pick up your reserved Phonic Ear. Ear plugs are also available. 

Can I bring my cell phone, dvd/video recorder or camera? (top of page)

Please turn off all phones, pagers and watches and refrain from unwrapping candies during the performance. Cameras, video cameras and sound recording devices are prohibited.  

I have allergies. Can I safely attend events in your theatre? (top of page)

We ask that all of our guests be considerate of those in the audience who may have allergies to perfume or cologne and avoid using products with fragrance before attending events in our venues.  Click here for more information about our "Fragrence Free Zone".

What if I can’t make a Centre for the Arts performance?

Complimentary ticket exchange privileges are available to Hot Ticket Members. For a small service charge, we will exchange your tickets for comparable seats to another performance, subject to availability and 48 hours prior to the original performance. Discounted tickets may be exchanged for full price tickets by paying the difference and the service charge. There are no refunds or exchanges on shows which have already occurred. Please contact the Box Office for the procedure and charges.  

Who do I speak to if I need help or have questions while I’m in the theatre? (top of page)

If you have any problems or questions while you are in our theatres, please speak to the House Manager at the Audience Services desk, or ask one of the ushers for directions. We want your experience to be enjoyable.